Lessons from Bolder Academy event

March 25, 2009

Tonight I was at an inspiring entrepreneur event: the Bolder Academy. It is a series of events, each with its own topic, and this one was about sharpening your presentation skills and building your personal brand. Speakers of the evening were Ilkka Tyynelä (Valmennustoimisto Tyynelä Oy), Miikka Leinonen (Strategy of Giving) and Juhana Helmenkalastaja (Helmenkalastaja Oy).

Here’s a summary of the things I took home.

Giving a presentation

  • be yourself — there’s no wrong or right in communicating
  • only talk about things you know about — to people who know less
  • it takes time to learn — practise, practise, practise

Building a personal brand

  • know yourself
  • be yourself
  • be unique, stand out
  • know your worth
  • be rude impudent
  • don’t fear a thing
  • give, and you’ll receive

I believe you can catch me at the same place next week too. And I recommend you come along if you too love inspiring talks.


2 Responses to “Lessons from Bolder Academy event”

  1. Aku Says:

    “Be rude”? Never.

    • jarilahdevuori Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Aku. It made me realize, that my English didn’t quite catch the idea.

      Rude was not the right word — impudent is the one I was looking for. Meaning you have to be bold, even in a slightly offensive way at times.

      Can you agree on this? 🙂

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