The Big Promise of the web

March 29, 2009

“In the coming decade marketing will be reengineered from A to Z.”

– Philip Kotler (1999)

I got this introductory quote from a friend of mine who asked for a little input on an article he is writing about marketing and the internet. He had two questions in mind in particular:

  1. What is the Big Promise of the internet regarding marketing?
  2. Has this promise been fulfilled already?

The Big Promise is above all about interaction. It means moving on from a mass media dominated era. It means moving on from consumers being passive. It means moving on from the golden age of one-way marketing and communications.

The Big Promise is about anytime, anywhere, and above all anyone. Anyone can produce, post or publish — and make a difference. Anyone can be a marketer. Everyone can be a marketer.

And marketers of the old have had a hard time understanding this. The Big Promise is thus often seen as the Big Curse.

But for those who understand the dynamics of the medium it is a promise. For many that promise is being fulfilled each and every day.

And just as the internet itself, the Big Promise is in perpetual beta. The details and technicalities keep changing from day to day.

Each day brings a new fulfilled promise for some marketer who is willing to embrace the Big Promise.


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