Social media marketing offline: hashtags

June 3, 2009

So you have a nice little brick & mortar business. Let’s say a café. Or a bar. Or a restaurant. Antique store, barbershop, beauty parlour, you name it.

And you’ve heard of this thing called social media. But you just don’t think you have anything to say. Or the time to say it.

Don’t worry. Your customers do.

They just need a little push. A little guidance.

What I’d love to see from the not-so-tech-savvy small business owners would be an encouragement for the customers to speak up in the social media. I want to see a “For Twitter, use #[yourbrand]” on the receipt. A “Tweet your mind #[yourcafé]” sign next to the tip jar. A “#[yourtattooshop]” sprayed on the wall.

Twitter with its hashtags is the new, accessible, transparent and free customer feedback channel. And this would be a nice way to take it to the offline world.


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