My Q&A with Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter

July 6, 2009

To be more specific, it was a Q and an A, via Twitter and YouTube respectively. Could you be more social media-ish?

Anyways, at this year’s Cannes Lions advertising festival, PR company Hill & Knowlton had a Q&A session with Biz Stone. They asked for questions to Biz via their Twitter account (@hillandknowlton). I of course jumped on it:

@jarilahdevuori tweet

@hillandknowlton tweet

Here’s the vid and Biz’s A to my Q:

My thanks to Biz for the answer! I totally agree that the line between marketing and PR is blurred in Twitter — it’s a free-for-all medium after all, at least for now.

The JetBlue case was new to me (even though all things Twitter seem to top my So I dug a little bit deeper into it.

What does @jetblue do?

Jetblue is an airline company that started their Twitter account in May 2007 and has gathered over 800 000 followers to date. The number of followers has really skyrocketed since the beginning of February 2009 when it was about 20 000 (see Trendrr for details).

The account is run by their corporate communications manager Morgan Johnston. I found this great interview from SXSW 2009 by Bryan Person, in which Morgan shares his views of corporate tweeting. Main points to take home:

  1. Know your brand’s personality
  2. Listen first – talk then
  3. Experiment and learn

How does @jetblue do it?

How does Morgan work his magic from those premises?  The ingredients that have made @jetblue such a success can be summed in the following points (all of which are derived from customers’ blog posts):

What can we learn from @jetblue?

No question that Biz was right and Jet Blue has embraced social media to the best. One might say that it’s only natural, since they are “dedicated to bringing humanity back to air travel” (as declared in their Bill of Rights).

But is there an industry in the 21st century that couldn’t use some humanity? That couldn’t benefit from being open, honest, adaptable and personal?

I don’t think so.

And if so, it’s bound to go extinct.

[Disclosure: I work at Hill and Knowlton Finland]


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