Social media guidelines in the social media way

August 27, 2009

Hill & Knowlton — my employer — is currently updating its global social media guidelines. Niall Cook, the worldwide director of marketing technology at H&K, posted the guidelines on Scribd for everyone to see — and to comment.

I just have to love that.

Since the guidelines affect all employers on a more or less personal level, there couldn’t be a better way to write them than the open, transparent and participatory way chosen. The social media way.

Some personal favorite bits of the document:

  • It encourages to use social media (or more precisely, forces). “As communications professionals we must each explore, understand and participate in this social media landscape – – “
  • It addresses potential problems beforehand and offers further help. “If you are in any doubt as to whether your activities fall within these guidelines or just need some advice, there is a 24/7 email hotline you can use – – “
  • It’s not just another document. It has power behind it. “Any complaints that these principles have not been upheld should be put in writing to Hill & Knowlton’s CEO, Paul Taaffe.

You can see the full document on Scribd.

Once again I feel proud to be part of the H&K global team. We try to understand and respect the rules of the social media — and I dare to say we’re doing a pretty good job. And we all know it’s not always the easiest playground for a PR agency.


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