A sustainable world needs marketing

February 19, 2010

There is a interview of Worldwatch Institute’s researcher Erik Assadourian on today’s Kauppalehti. Erik, who is the head of the State of the World 2010 project, talks about his views on global sustainability issues and how we should strive to do better.

I think the article was really good and I admire what the Worldwatch Institute is doing, but this really caught my eye at the end of the article:

If you had the power to change one thing so the world’s development would become more sustainable, what would it be?

– I’m not going to get any new friends with this answer, but I’d probably ban all marketing. I’d let people decide themselves what they need and want without being manipulated to buy.

Well, we didn’t become new friends with this, Erik. But for another reason that you might think.

Once again I have to say this: Marketing isn’t advertising. Marketing isn’t manipulating. Advertising might be.

Without marketing the people wouldn’t even have a chance to try and satisfy their needs or wants through the markets.

And, without marketing we’d never get the message about a more sustainable future through.


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