TEDxHelsinki aftermath

May 15, 2010

I had the pleasure to attend TEDxHelsinki for the second time this Wednesday. It was a huge success (as can be seen from comments on both Twitter and Facebook) — way better than the first one, I must say. Especially the mingling in-between the presentations and at the after party was a nice add. The ideas want to spread, so why not help them out..

There was a whole lot of inspiration in the air, as one might expect. Besides all those random, cross-discipline ideas that truly make TED what it really is, I especially picked up something communications and presentations related. This is what my notebook states:

  • Virpi Kuitunen: How open and fragile, yet strong at the same time can one be. And how it touches the crowd and makes an impact.
  • Anssi Vanjoki: How years of experience shows. In both good and bad.
  • Mikael Jungner: Say something remarkable. Say it in a way that it sticks. One twitterer put it nicely: Jungner made a “social media smart speech”.
  • Jufo Peltomaa: Standing out from the crowd by being yourself rocks.
  • Miina Savolainen: Pictures really say more than 1000 words. No, actually they say more than any words ever could.
  • Juuso Nissilä: Scientific studies to prove your point, common sense to sell it .  (Also, What I want for Christmas.)

Fortunately we’ll have a third one. And the one starting today on the railroad from Helsinki to Shanghai. And I assume these won’t be the last ones either.


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