The State of Facebook Marketing in Finland 2012

February 13, 2012

Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how.

This wonderful and a bit vulgar thought also resonates with Facebook marketing. Every marketer wants to do something there since the 850 M users are just a click a way – not to mention that the competitor is already there! But how many of these marketers actually know what’s it like as a marketing medium? What to do there? How and when? And what to expect in return for the effort?

We [us at H+K] wanted to fill this cognitive void and so we made a wide research on the state of FB marketing in Finland in cooperation with the social network analysis agency Verkostoanatomia. And I must say (with all my modesty), the research turned out something that hasn’t been seen in Finland to date. Some of the findings are truly fascinating, but I’m even more excited because of the methodology and the sample size. Now one can truly say their plans and actions are based on rock solid facts.

The research was done datamining over 1000 top pages in Finland and surveying 90 of their admins. We used a (currently free) cloud-based datamining service called Sometrik which gave us a chance to monitor those pages almost as if we were using Facebook Insights. It wasn’t an easy job – but it was pretty damn neat!

The study was released on 12th January at a leading Finnish digital marketing summit DiViA for more than 350 professionals (and even more via online stream). During the following three weeks the white paper (in Finnish) has been downloaded for circa 1000 times and the presentation (above) has been viewed almost 4000 times. It has been covered in top marketing and business magazines (including M&M, Kauppalehti and Talouselämä) and various blogs. The infographic was featured on and the hashtag #fbtutkimus was a trending topic on Twitter during the release. It even made a dent on Wikipedia. Not bad.
To sum up the key findings, we formed these six things a marketer should know. Go and make magic with them!
  1. Expect a 4% activity level. On average only 4% of the fans of a page are active: 1% writes and 3% “likes”. There are differences between pages depending on the category: for example pages related to consumer goods brands activate 2.7%, corporate communications pages 3.5% and sports related pages 9.75%.
  2. Buzz breeds more buzz. The more you communicate the more your fans communicate. Those admins that communicate daily activate twice as many of their fans as those who communicate weekly.
  3. Well planned isn’t half done. Having a communication or content plan does not correlate with the quantity of fans or their activity levels in any way. Execution is the key.
  4. 10-20 rule. Facebook pages are most active at 10:00 o’ clock and 20:00.
  5. Men are men on Facebook, too. Men are less active than women and their activity level decreases as the number of issues that the page tries to communicate grows.
  6. Interaction has a price (and should have a worth). For every 1 000 fans, one hour of work by admin results in: 1 wall post, 14 wall post likes, 2 comments and 1 comment like (by fans). So, think about your goals: what is the Return On Conversation (ROC)?

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