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LinkedIn celebrates it’s 100,000,000th [infographic]

March 22, 2011

I’m a huge fan of both LinkedIn and infographics.

So congratulations for LinkedIn for its 100M members! And big thanks to Vincenzo, a colleague of mine from our Rome office, for this nice piece of infographic!

The State of LinkedIn 2011

Did you know: piling up the business cards of 100M people would soar higher than three Mount Everests on top of each other. (Source: LinkedIn’s own infographic)

Now you do.


Facebook code of conduct – to friend or not to friend

April 6, 2009

A while ago a friend of mine asked me for a hint on a little social networking dilemma: he had gotten a Facebook friend request from his boss and he didn’t know what to do. For one reason or another he didn’t want his boss to be able to see his “private side of life”, but he didn’t want to just bluntly say “no” to this request, either.

So, he was contemplating on giving the boss a limited access to his info. This of course is one kind of a message in itself, too. Not that far away from a plain “no”. And in some ways even worse than a “no”.

Fortunately we have other social networks too. Some that are better suited for these kinds of contacts. If you have a request from a boss, a colleague, a partner or a client you’re not that familiar with, there’s nothing wrong about giving the “no” on Facebook and politely asking to contact you via LinkedIn.

Here’s an analogy: LinkedIn is like going to a cocktail party. Facebook is like having a beer with friends.

Naturally there is a path from making small talk at a cocktail party to having a casual beer with someone. But it takes a little time and effort. Both online and offline.